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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

To my only reader

Dear Gray:

First off, you're my only reader and I appreciate that very much. However, I believe you misinterpreted my SDI post. I implied that there have been no actual strandings in the past ten years; not that Tom Hanks' Castaway was the only time in a decade the SDI scenario was employed. I fully realize Mr. Hanks was not really trapped on a deserted island with a volleyball. I was using "humor" to insinuate that he was. The post could have very well read, "To prove my point, I did a bit of independent research and found out that, in fact, there has been one deserted island stranding in the past ten years. It was Cedric the Entertainer, of all people." Get it?

Take a break from attempting to beat my records in Waveracer 64 and read the post carefully...dipshit.

***Angel Moroni: As of the end of summer 2003, I held ALL the records on Gray's Waveracer 64 video game. In a fit of rage, Grza erased them all because he tried for three months to match my simulated jet ski excellence and precision and couldn't. So, currently, Gray owns all the records only because he defaulted the memory. Thanks for your comment, Ms. Moroni.

It looks like I have two readers, which is fantastic even if one's a Mormon.


Who currently holds those precious Waveracer records?

Why Brian, I didn't know pointless blogs were not supposed to be read. I usually forgo the ny times op-ed section for delicious blogs such as yours. And by the way, your blog would be much more interesting if it was about something cool, perhaps waveracer 64? But alas, I have no more time to be insulted on pointless blogs than the next guy, so i have moved on to a blog by a middle school teacher in Manhattan Kansas. It is much more interesting to read about how to get unruly 12 year olds to stop putting corn into their asses on the playground.


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