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Monday, August 08, 2005

If you were stranded on a deserted island

Huey Lewis has a problem. He hates industry parties. You see, Huey is a simple man who prefers to express himself in song form and feels rather uncomfortable at large social gatherings. As documented in his music video for "Stuck With You", Mr. Lewis feels more comfortable cruising on his "yacht" (a ten foot row boat, obviously) with beautiful women in gaudy dresses. If you don't watch three hours of VH1 classic per day and haven't seen this video, I'll summarize: Huey Lewis and a woman in an AMAZING silver dress escape an overblown industry party in the Bahamas, fall off his small row boat, narrowly avoid a shark attack, become trapped on a deserted island, fall in love, and get rescued by a cruise ship. (Strangely, there's no lip syncing. Odd.) I'm not going to get into the believability of the video nor am I going to rant about the obvious lack of "The News" sightings, which is bullshit. I am going to focus on one of the most oft-used storytelling devices in human history: the stranded on a deserted island (SDI) scenario. Whether you're selling a product or providing allegorical social commentary, it works all the time. What's amazing to me (and probably me alone) is how accepting we are of the SDI scenario when, if you really think about it, rarely happens, if ever. To prove my point, I did a bit of independent research and found out that, in fact, there has been one deserted island stranding in the past ten years. It was Tom Hanks, of all people.


I have very few problems w/ the analysis of the SDI scenario. The only thing I would object to is the cavalier approach which you used in describing the last ten years of SDI scenarios. A little thing called ABC's Lost. Also if i recall correctly, Cedric the Entertainer also did a commercial for Bud Light on a Deserted Island...Idiot



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